12 Questions and answers about BS Trading Company

Who owns the business?

Our current owners are Mark and Rick Ratterree.

Who do you market to?

Our primary market is retail stores and designers.  We also sell hides and Tibetan Lamb to furniture manufacturers. We sell anywhere from one piece to designers for a job to several hundred pieces at a time to our larger retailers.  We are willing to work with any company. 

 How has the business changed over the years?

We were primarily selling area rugs until the early 2000's when many manufacturers started coming direct the market was flooded.  We had started selling a few cowhides as area rugs at the time.  As the market became more and more flooded with rug manufacturers and every major chain carrying their own line of rugs we transitioned more towards the cowhides. At first it was just the hide but over the last ten years we began carrying every cowhide product imaginable.  Patchwork rugs, pillows, bags, table runners, coasters, placemats, can coolers, benches, ottomans and more.  Since being in the hide business we have started selling all kinds of other hides including: Tibetan Lamb, Icelandic sheep, Zebra, antelope, crocodile and much more.

Do you sell to the public?

We are solely a wholesale business.  When we sold area rugs we had a retail frontage at our location in Arlington.

Where are you located?

Our warehouse is located in Burleson Texas. We moved here in September of 2016.

Where do your cowhides come from?

90 percent of the cowhides come from Brazil. The remaining percentage come from Argentina or Columbia. Primarily because you can get colors from these two countries that are not as common in Brazil. Brazil tends to have better tanning quality although both Argentina and Brazil have improved their quality in the last few years.

Where does the Tibetan Lamb come from?

Tibetan Lamb is Native to Northern China so the product is made there as well.

What is your most popular product(s)?

Our best sellers in Cowhides currently are grey and champagne tones. The Tibetan lamb has grown in popularity over the years as well and is very strong.

How many employees do you have?

We currently have 13 full time employees.

Do you have any showrooms?

We have a showroom in Denver that is open year round at the Denver Mart. We have a permanent showroom in High Point as well in showplace that is open during the major furniture shows twice a year. We have a small showroom set up in our warehouse for customers to come see.

Do you handle custom orders?

We do custom orders especially on patchwork rugs we have made up to a 20 x 30 rug for a customer and can work with designs and colors for specification. We also do custom size pillows and throws in Tibetan Lamb as well as custom order Tibetan Lamb plates for upholstery.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future are to build the brand, continue to source different hair on items, having running stock on our website so customers can pick the exact cowhide they are getting instead of having to email pictures from the description. Overall trying to become more user friendly for the customer.